It's Official - Cassie's Le Popcorn Press Release – Cassie's Gourmet Popcorn

It's Official - Cassie's Le Popcorn Press Release


Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt announced that it has purchased Le Popcorn and Candy, a producer of gourmet popcorn formerly of Southlake.  Sharing the Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt flagship location at 603 South Main Street in Historic Grapevine, Cassie’s Le Popcorn now offers over 60 different kinds of mouth-watering, sweet and savory flavor combinations.  Free delivery is now available on all orders over $75.00 in a 10 mile radius. In addition, Cassie’s Le Popcorn can be purchased online at The online site also allows customers to order their favorite popcorn with an in store pick up option to minimize their wait time. 


Cassie’s Le Popcorn uses unique ingredients based on popular flavor trends that cater to the desires and palettes of a discerning customer base.  Specialty flavors, such as Jelly Belly®  Very Cherry, made with real Jelly Belly® jelly beans, and Sea Salt Caramel with chocolate drizzle are examples of the unique treats found at Cassie’s Le Popcorn.  Cassie’s Le Popcorn’s wide array of colors and flavors can be customized to suit any occasion and make exceptional corporate gifts and party favors.  Customized popcorn bars for wedding receptions have become a favorite of area brides, and the popcorn of the month club is a welcome gift for all.


In June 2013, Cassie’s Le Popcorn earned Best Condiment honors at the fourth annual Gourmet Gold Awards at the Dallas Total Housewares & Gourmet Market for its Popcorn Marinade—individual packaged sauces for you to make your favorite Cassie’s flavors at home with your own popped popcorn!


As the founder of Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt, Cassie Uptmore has an entrepreneurial spirit and a determination for success.  Her brand of frozen yogurt has garnered intense customer loyalty in large part due to her creative recipes and impressive marketing ideas – many of which are inspired by Cassie’s husband, Brad.  Both Cassie and Brad are intent on bringing their limitless creativity to the popcorn business as well and fully expect their latest business venture to “pop” in both local and national markets.



For more information, please contact Cassie Uptmore at 214.298.3060

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